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TV-Pilot Confronts Teenage Obesity & Bullying

For Alex and Liz Poncio of Helotes, TX this summer will be something extraordinary. Their parents: Adam Poncio, well known Texas appellant attorney and Tracey Maurer a very busy San Antonio based commercial photographer are sponsoring a unique summer project that’s immersing their kids in an encompassing program that includes the production the TV-Pilot “A Book By It’s Cover”. Alex, LIz and a few others will be part of a concentrated acting, filmmaking and production camp that runs all August. The camp, organized and conducted by Brad Milne takes the students on a journey through the entire production and release process.

For more information please visit http://www.abookbyitscover.net

The Program

1) In-depth acting training giving them the creative tools to build their craft and the roles they play while preparing them for an acting career.

2) The camp includes immersing its participants in the San Antonio based production of the TV-pilot “A Book By It’s Cover”. Alex and Liz star in the pilot and are being surrounded by an ensemble of gifted actors.

3) Rounding out the program the campers are introduced to the producing side of the business. Including them in the process of preparing their project for marketing and release.

“Adam and I are thrilled that we’re able to provide this unique educational opportunity for our kids that’s quickly becoming a catalyst for learning and participation by many people, organizations and businesses in our area that want to put an end to teenage bullying and help kids with obesity challenges” said Tracey Maurer.

“This unique model of immersing actors in an intensive acting, filmmaking and producing experience helps prepare them for careers in the business with a leg up on their competition. With the proliferation of digital technologies it’s crucial that actors learn many aspects of the business allowing them to take charge of their careers.” Milne said.

For more information about the camp and production email: brad@bradmilne.com

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